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E&V Home Renovations Remodeled Kitchen 1
E&V Home Renovations Remodeled Bathroom

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Update Your Floors with New York Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When your New York home starts to feel worn and dated, it’s not always necessary to jump into a complete remodel in order to give it a fresh, contemporary look. Here at E&V Home Renovations, we offer hardwood floor refinishing that turns your floors into shiny, new looking assets to your home.

We offer professional home repair and remodel for your New York home, from decks and patios to floor refinishing and everything in between. Whether you want new completely new tile, wood or carpet for your home or just want to give your current floors a boost, come to us first.

Style, Richness and Beauty in Your Home

Your hardwood floors signify elegance and grace in your home, but they can become worn out and damaged over time. Hardwood floors provide warmth and comfort with a timeless quality that doesn’t come from any other material. We are dedicated to revealing and preserving the natural beauty of every wood floor. We handle every step in the process, from sanding to staining.

Every hardwood floor is unique, and we have the experience necessary to recognize the beauty and value in your floor. Hardwood floors offer benefits like:

  • Low maintenance, natural look
  • Enhanced versatility, style and appearance of your décor
  • Increased resale value of the home
  • Inviting, warm ambiance

You can’t go wrong with hardwood floors, and we are here to help you install, repair or maintain any hardwood surface in your home. Don’t take chances with your beautiful, valuable wood floors when professional help is just a phone call away.

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We are confident that you will love your floor again once we are done. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction, and our customer service is unparalleled. When you need hardwood floor refinishing, or any other renovation for your New York home, come to the experts that are invested in the outcome of every project.

Call us today at (917) 331-5570 to set up a consultation with a representative from E&V Home Renovations. We are confident you will be happy with our prices and our work.